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Tips on Keeping Your Live Koi Fish Healthy

Keeping your live koi fish healthy is one of the most tasking and yet a rewarding experience at the same time. Although it is not difficult to take care of them since they can practically live even in a poor condition, it is still essential to give them a nice home and a disease-free living.

Here are some of the tips to keep your live koi fish healthy and disease-free.

  • Clean water. Keep the water of your pond clean. In doing so, you need to take out unwanted particles such as fish waste and excess food. Excessive feeding will make your fish expel more waste which produces high amount of ammonia. These substances can change the pH balance of water, thus can make your koi fish sick or can even kill them.
  • If your pond is situated under a tree or you want it to be a koi garden pond, protect the pond from the falling leaves, the plants in and around it as they can eat them. Also make sure that your pond plants are harmless and do not have fertilizer as this may contaminate the water.
  • A good filtration system also helps maintain a good living condition for your fish since it helps filter out the wastes, algae formations and bacteria that can make your pets sick.
  • A good aeration is also good as it helps in the air circulation making your fish more colorful and vibrant.
  • Giving them the right koi fish food is also good since it can give them the right nutrients that their bodies need. It can also help them maximize their full growth and reproductive potential. There are a lot of koi fish food available in the market, all you have to do is read more about the product or seek for professional advice on how to get the right one.
  • One way to observe if your fish is healthy is their color. If its color is dull and there are unusual spots in their bodies, try checking the water or the food that they are eating. Try experimenting by changing their food and cleaning up some more.
  • Water temperature. Koi fish can live in different water temperatures, but it is nice to know that their food digestion and metabolism depends on it. If the water temperature is within 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, you can feed them twice a day, once a day if its 50 to 60 degrees. If it is in 50 degrees and below, it is best not to feed them at all because their digestive system is stopped, instead they only eat algae. Having food in their stomach in a cold condition will only make them sick since the food inside them will go bad.

These are some of the simple tips to keep your live koi fish healthy and disease-free. Follow them and surely, your fish will be happy too.

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The Brilliant Features of Koi Fish Ponds

By: Mike Hickmon

Koi fish ponds can make brilliant features in anybody’s garden and the best thing about keeping Koi fish ponds is that these fish are not that difficult to look after. Koi fish come from the carp family which means that they can grow to quite a substantial size, so when you decide to keep Koi fish ponds you should always make sure that you have enough room for the fish to grow. The rule of thumb when it comes for space for Koi fish, is that each pair of Koi need around 1000 gallons of water at least, this means that if you are planning on keeping around ten Koi fish, then you will need 5000 gallons of water on average.

If you do decide to keep Koi fish ponds, or any fish pond in your garden then it is always a good idea for you to invest in some netting to go across the top of the pond and this will do several jobs. The first thing it will do is that it will deter your Koi fish from jumping out of the pond as Koi tend to leap around a bit, the second thing it will do is to keep any unwanted pests and visitors at bay such as the neighbourhood cat, or insects and bacteria. The third thing that this netting will do is keep the pond safe, if you have young children then it will act as a barrier so that they will be less likely to fall in. it is important to cover your Koi fish pond especially if you have children or cats. 

Koi fish ponds are quite popular with fish owners because not only are they quite simple to maintain, but they also have a very good ornamental quality. Koi fish ponds act as a water feature in your garden and because of the fish’s wonderful colors and patterns they will be a joy for visitors to look at. If you are thinking about keeping Koi fish or Koi fish ponds then you should always do a little bit of research on the species of fish first so that you know exactly what they need to survive and to remain healthy and happy, as well as how you can maintain your Koi fish ponds to the highest of standards. 

You can find valuable information on the internet, all you have to do is run a quick search and you will get dozens of helpful links and websites which will tell you everything that you ever wanted to know about Koi fish care and Koi fish ponds. 

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